Crystal Energy Healing

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From as far back as the days of the legendary lost city of Atlantis, through the ancient Mayan and Hebrew civilizations, and including Far Eastern and Native American cultures, crystals and gemstones have been used both in spiritual rituals and as aids to physical healing.

We all have energy within us and surrounding us.  This energy can be affected by illness, stress and injury.  I use crystals and stones to enhance treatments and amplify the energy that is required to make the necessary adjustments in your energy field and chakras. This strengthens the healing process.


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Today the practice of using stones and crystals continues. Not only with the aboriginal shamans of Australia who use stones to commune with spirits, but with ordinary people across the world who claim extraordinary results. Semi-precious stones were used in Biblical times , sewn into priests garments;; there are 45 occurences of this in the Bible. eg. Exodus 35:27. 

Examples of various modern uses of crystals are:

- crystal radios popular in the 40s and 50s and still here today

-quartz crystals in watches and time-pieces.

-use of crystals in computers

-use of crystals as conductors that assist the healer for energy healing.


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